Web Design

At Cornish Storm, we will take the time to talk about what you want from a website and how it fits into your overall business or ideas. With your input we will guide you toward the best possible solution. In selecting Cornish Storm, you are choosing to work with someone that demonstrates the experience and knowledge to assist you. Through my partner, we can also offer Dutch language website designs too.

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The Planning

Through a comprehensive planning and needs assessment process, Cornish Storm will understand your goals for the future and detail strategy and recommendations to meet these goals. Following extensive consultations between ourselves we then move on to development.

Making It Happen

Where everything comes together, the development process. We will create all of the web site requirements built according to our earlier agreed design consultations. All web site customization and features will also be implemented and completed prior to final testing and launch.

Launch Day

Nothing is launched without our scrutiny and discussions with yourselves. Here we run final testing across a range or browsers and resolutions. Once we are both satisfied, the work is signed off and the finished product goes live. We ensure analytics are prepared and your web site is SEO primed.

No Bull Here – How we do it

When you contact us

Once you’ve submitted a design enquiry, we will arrange a convenient time to chat with you by email or a phone call to discuss your project in more detail. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and for me to get a better understanding of your requirements for the website and discuss costs. After our chat, I’ll send you my contract and a 25% deposit invoice so that we can schedule in a date to get started on your exciting new website.

You have homework

Once your project is pencilled in, I’ll send over my “introduction email”, which includes all the details you need to get ready and prepare for your new website design! This will include gathering text, images and content, and filling out my questionnaire with more in-depth details about the website and any other features you need, along with information about your target audience. Without content, I cannot build a website. I create the tools for you to succeed!

Ready for first draft

On the first day of working on your project, I will send over a selection of ideas that I will have analysed and handpicked for you based on your response to my “introduction email”. You’ll be able to look through the ideas and ask me any questions you have about the initial layout before we select one that is suitable for you. Once we have done this, you probably won’t hear from me for some days! I’ll be designing your pages as a first draft, the second draft and so forth until we agree the final draft.

Good to go

Once I have completed a ‘final draft’ of the website, this is the point where we agree on which layout to proceed with. It is at the moment where any major design changes cannot be implemented without additional hours and costs. During this time we will remain in contact by email or phone. You can then feedback to me with any minor changes, and any edits you would like me to complete. We will go through these feedback loops several times to perfect the design.

We go live

Once we are both happy with the website, I will connect your domain and website to our server network or the host of your choice. This will automatically publish your website so that people can see the exciting new design! I will also supply you with a graphic or two to share on social media about the launch as well. 


This is the moment where we hand over the keys and your new website design is yours. We will send you a final payment invoice at this time. Once the final payment is made, I will be sending you an email guide on how to use the hosting control panel, how to edit your website content and make changes. If you wish us to remain at the controls we would be happy to maintain your website for a fee (TBD).

About my fees and rates

  • Normally I charge a flat rate for the full project as in the initial quote and contract. There arefees at my hourly rate if client decides on major additional changes after draft approval.
  • I will charge my hourly if I know that the job is small and will be completed within a day. My hourly rate is £30 GBP per hour.